Into the Deep


My name is Lize Smith but mostly I go by my username, Groovyspecs. I am one of those creatures that has an interest in anything and everything. This is accompanied by the attention span of a gnat, which means that I flutter from one exciting idea to the next, but never stay for long. My interests run to the geeky side of the spectrum combined with a love of dogs and cars.

I initially created this blog to share my geeky discoveries with the world at large (innocent bystanders included), although it seems I share pretty much everything on it now. By night I am an aspiring writer and creator of illustrations and by day I am a peon for a large organisation. We all know what I’d rather be doing 😉
I have a little online shop, if you ever feel the need for some of my flutterlings, go check it out.

I hope you enjoy my ruminations as much as I enjoy sharing them.


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