Bentley, the world's cutest dog

Bentley, the fluffy dog

Two and a half years ago my oldest dachshund, Dax, was attacked by the two younger dogs we share our home with. I was faced with a very difficult decision – do I get rid of the culprit or do I introduce a new element into the pack? After much agonising I realised that I couldn’t face rehoming any one of my little darlings even if they were mean little princesses who couldn’t play nice in the sandpit. Dachshunds hardly ever do, in case you were wondering. Continue reading

Little Ethel

Conversations with Kev | Naming children

On one of our coffee breaks this weekend I was inspecting some wooden bits from Kev’s latest petrol-head project and wondered aloud about what type of wood it was.
“It’s probably Ash,” he told me.
Which got me thinking – I have always liked plant names for children. Tree names for boys and flower names for girls. The idea appeals to me. We don’t have children but for some reason one always speculates about these things. Perhaps it’s a leftover habit from childhood when one tried to picture what the future had in store.
“I would totally name my children after plants,” I informed him about a nanosecond after the thought finished crossing my mind.
He laughed at me and said, “I would call her Ethel. She won’t get laid with a name like that and we’ll have peaceful teenage years.”
I couldn’t stop laughing. Poor little Ethel! There’s a reason we don’t have children. Can you imagine the child’s therapy bill?

My furry friends

Musings about relationships

The thing about relationships is that they are tricksy. And I’m not talking just about the romantic kind (those are complicated enough) but about the relationships we have with coworkers and friends. My geeky friends will probably identify more with this, since as a group we battle to cultivate new relationships easily. If you are one of those lucky geeks that manage to be the life of the party, good on you. I am unfortunately not one of those social flutterbys that can easily forge new friendships and manage myself adroitly in every social situation.

When faced with a breakdown in a relationship I’m generally at a loss. How does one recover something that worked fine for all parties but for some reason or another fell apart? And this happens. We’ve all experienced a situation where a new person in the team manages to wreak havoc as far as they go, yet nobody recognises this until after the fact. Or a new manager is appointed and everybody resigns a month later.

However much I wish that I could sail past these obstacles my natural introverted reaction is to withdraw from the situation and brood. Now there’s a recipe for success. Not. Yet I don’t have the easy grace to smile and move on. How do people do that? Avoid the poisoned apples one is forced to deal with daily and carry on as if the bump in the road didn’t make the wheels come off?

If I ever find the answer I’ll be sure to post it everywhere. In the meantime I remain better at my relationships with my dogs than with people it seems. They don’t mind if I brood either.

Just like that

And just like that I have another blog. It started off as an experiment to help a friend but may evolve into a full blown project. Not that there is ever a shortage of projects…it seems every time I turn around there is another one waiting to ambush me.

Recently and old project jumped out the woodwork and surprised me. I had to drop everything and spend some time on it. A whole weekend whizzed past – eaten up by my little shop. You can view it here: Flutterlings.

This might get carried over to my regular blog here: The theme does appeal to me and it’s probably time for a change. Change is like a holiday they say and I desperately need a holiday 😉